Dream Interpretation

What is Dream Interpretation?

I use Jungian dreamwork extensively in spiritual companionship, individually and in groups.  Dreams are often not remembered because they feel so indecipherable, ridiculous, and outrageous.  

The unconscious receives all that we don’t want to consciously experience; there is a constant dynamic exchange between the conscious and the unconscious.  Dreams are windows to the vast unconscious which is like the ocean, while our personal psyche is but a drop of water.  Unpacking the messages from our dreams can reveal the essence underlying what’s truly troubling us in our waking lives. Dreams speak through a symbolic language, and once understood, can reveal unknown aspects of ourselves (shadow aspects), blocks to our aliveness or our vitality, lost creativity, our true nature.  

Just as the human body goes through stages of physical maturation during a lifetime, so does the psychological makeup of the individual go through stages.  Swiss psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, C. G. Jung discovered that psychological maturation is organized and directed through an aspect of consciousness commonly referred to as the Self.  The Self directs the entire psyche, both the conscious ego, and the unconscious, and dreams reveal our psychological and spiritual evolution.  Throughout history, in all religions and spiritual disciplines, the Divine has been encountered in the dreams of men and women.  This is the realm of the spirit.  

"A dream unexamined, is a letter from God unopened." -- Rav Chisda, Talmudist of the 3rd century. 

Small-Group Dream Workshop -or- Individual Sessions

90-minute small-group dreamwork sessions are offered in 6 week cycles.


50-minute one-on-one sessions.