Spiritual Direction & Companionship

When to seek spiritual companionship?

Whether you’re just starting to build your career or family, or at the pinnacle of your life, things can get complicated – job, children, spouse, home, an overfilled calendar, divorce, physical and mental illness, addiction, aging parents, aging bodies, loss of material wealth, loss and death of loved ones, loss of faith, loneliness, emptiness, and much more.  You may relate to one or more of the above.

Spiritual companionship helps by discerning the factors and true feelings which underlie our fears and anxieties in everyday life and reach the groundedness of the heartspace.  It’s where one starts to feel an aligned resonance within one’s core, where there is greater peace, acceptance, equanimity, and joy – a feeling that this is one’s truth. An impasse in our outer life is often a call from our inner self to reconnect with our spiritual center. 

“The mind knows about.  The heart knows”  - David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD 

Who can benefit from spiritual companionship?

The journey of any spiritual aspirant is inevitably fraught with many highs and lows. Even seasoned practitioners of the devotional religious life can experience periods of aridity in their connection to God, and seek help. A spiritual companion helps to nudge one this way, then that way, to help realign, and re-enliven the journey when the road sometimes goes off course or even disappears.

A large segment of our current culture, however, have come to regard spirituality as a concept which has no place in our predominantly data driven world.  The lives we create are thought to be accomplished through the intellect, one’s talents and hard work.  Inevitably, when personal efforts are no longer enough, and unexpected twists of fate occur, an inner stirring arises. 

This stirring is actually the inner calling for greater meaning, a yearning to connect with something transcendent, may it be the heart, love, the universe, what is sacred and mystical, what is divine in our nature.  Many call this transcendence, God, higher power, Source.  By whatever name, it's a universal desire to transcend our human limitations and be embraced by something greater than ourselves. 

Wherever you may be in your arc of life, in our sessions, we explore this inner yearning to find transcendence, from conceptual to experiential. I go with you when you’re in the spiritual desert. I’m with you as you go deeper into that sacred inner sanctum.

What occurs during a session?

In the spiritual direction session, I want to hear your story, what is on your mind and in your heart.  I engage with you as a mirror, without judgment, so that you can see and hear yourself with greater clarity where you are in your current situation.  With gentle guidance, I help you  through the processes of discernment that are often difficult for the mind to sort through. There can be moments of silence, short meditations, or prayers.  There will arise a sense of being intimate with... intimate with one's own heart and soul…and being with that higher power. 

Spiritual companionship is not psychological counseling, but has parallel benefits in that understanding ourselves helps to alleviate stress and gain greater clarity.  Spiritual companionship promotes the development of one’s feeling interiority of the heart that is in touch with our soul.   

50-Minute Individual Sessions